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Eric So - Multi – media artist, Creative Director of Papamamason.


After graduating from design school, Eric joined an advertising agency and was made Creative Director.


In 1996, his first exhibition named “Sex, Sex, Sex and More Sex” was held at Hong Kong Art Centre.


“East meets West” art exhibition was launched in 1997.


Eric started creating figure as a medium to present his messages in 1998.


Established the brand “So Fun” in 1999 and aimed at collaboration with his friends around the world, last but not the least, Devilock, SSUR, Revolver, LMF.


“The Art of Bruce Lee” world tour in 1999 to 2000 which exhibited in USA, Japan and Hong Kong brought him a succeed throughout the world. “Designer Toys” began when Eric was invited by Medicom Toys to have collaboration with his Bruce Lee 12 inches figurine series.


In 2001, Eric was signed by Sony Music as a artist. He created variety of characters for global brands, such as Coca – Cola, Toyota, Meiji’s Chelsea candies, Japan singing group, Chemistry.  And the brand “Estate” was also started to represent the cultures of Hong Kong traditional residential areas.


In 2004, premiered “So Fun” show at DC shoes which is a US famous skateboard brand and collaborated with Nike to create a life-sized NBA legend, Michael Jordan action figure for his Asia Tour.


“Sology” was held in 2005 which divided into 4 parts with 4 different themes within 1 month. “Stand by Me” art and figure exhibition; “The Art of Bruce Lee 2005” and “Celebrities”.


After one year, “Ren Ge Pin Wei” exhibition was held to present his first “So Fun” eyewear collection. And he created a figurine of Jay Chou and Chou Xun for a Motorola campaign in the same year.


In 2008, more brand collaborations will take place and more licensing deals will fill up the agenda.  For the first half of 2008, there will be a pair of collaboration shoes with Adidas, for a NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas, “Sign Language” had joined the promotion with “EPS I DO”.


Eric created a Chinese style Nike Air Force One for the exhibition of “Air Force One Love” for Nike China and Clot in Shanghai, and also invited by a global charitable organization CowParade to design an art piece for their world tour in 2009.


After years of planning, in 2010, Eric and fashion icon lyricist Wyman Wong makes their debut collaboration in the fashion art scene. Their collective efforts are presented by “YSOFUN”. New character “Horny Girl” with Japanese Photographer Yonehara Yasumasa had launched afterwards.


In 2011, as a Creative Director of Papamamason, Eric expanded his concepts and designs in different mediums, clothing brands, “Referee” and “Skulluminous” were established.


Creates 11 oil paintings for a Hong Kong pop singer Edison Chen’s Album Book and hold “Confusion” Art Exhibition at Papamamason Gallery in 2012 .


In Feb, 2013, “Confusion” Art Exhibition was held in Mad Museum Singapore. As a Hong Kong Ambassador of Heineken 140th Anniversary, Eric encouraged the young generation for the passion to art and creativity through his oil painting for this campaign.  


2014 has been a fulfilling year for Eric.  In addition to creating figures for Hollywood film “Sin City 2” and movie “Rise Of The Legend”, Eric has also been invited by world brand Disney as the only artist representing Hong Kong to create figurines of Mickey & Minnie for its 90th anniversary celebration.  Beside figurines creation and design, Eric has also arranged a Pop-up store for his fashion line – Skulluminous, with a Punk theme.  Even more, Eric has first entered the theatre horizon and has taken up the role of chief stage designer for the drama “Happiness” featuring maestro Jim and actress Isabella Leung. 


The highlight of the year, highly acclaimed by local celebrities, must go to Eric’s creation of his first chocolate brand – Élément de chocolat, exhibiting a new concept of blending flavor with stylish design in a fun way.


In year 2015, Eric relaunched his classic Estate series, renamed as the "Zombie Estate", at an exhibition held in Korea, where YG Entertainment also presented at the scene the invitation to Eric for a collaboration project with the world-renowned singing group "Big Bang".  Besides, Eric has elevated his work by crossing figurine-creations with the famous online game "Barcode Footballer", introducing the charismatic figurines series called "Eric the Devilish Team ".  Eric was also invited by France to create a series of Michael Jordan concept figurines for the celebration of Michael Jordan's 30th anniversary.

2016Eric has launched a limited version of the Japanese classic robot “Mazinger Z”, in the unique Eric So’s signature style. He was then invited by Tsuburaya to join their big celebrations, and to collaborate with them, with his own fashion label “Referee”, for the celebration of Ultraman’s 50th anniversary. Big exhibitions were held across Japan in Tokyo, Sendai and Osaka. In the same year, Eric was also invited to be the Hong Kong ambassador for the Art and Cultural exchange between Shanghai and Lithuania. He has also held the“Fa Yuen Kingdom”exhibition for the kickoff of this meaningful event.  

In 2017, Eric has been continuously working on his existing projects –the “White Knight” and the “Scouring Pad Pad”, and has been actively taking part in various toy expos across different countries, including the United States, the Great Britain, Japan and Thailand. 

2018, present his new paintings at Art Fair Tokyo & Art Taipei, solo art exhibition < Lost . Singularity > at Tokyo. Launch his sculpture <Rock Rocket> with Warner Bros at <The Get Animated> program. 


2019 release < Eric So x Michael Jordan > limited edition statue.

2022 Bonhams HK present his solo exhibition “The Storyteller”. On the trendy way to present the “Eric So x FR2: Project Dark - Grendizer vs Mazinger Z


​2023 release <Eric So x Playboy> limited edition statue. Present his ceramic exhibition <在山上看着大海對岸的你> at Hong Kong





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